For any further information and registration, please call Sophie Boller: 06 84 92 22 70 or email her here.
 Pre-registration required for all workshops.

For the second time, we are very pleased to welcome Mary Obendorfer and Eddy Marks in Montmartre

  • Friday June 23 (6 to 8:30pm) - Saturday June 24 (12:30 to 6pm) - Sunday June 25 (10 to 3:30pm)
  • More info here



Summer workshop with Manouso Manos in Antwerp, Belgium

  • Tuesday August 22 -Wednesday August 23 - Thursday August 24  
  • More info here



Yoga Philosophy

BKS Iyengar used to say: “practice of asanas without the backing of yama and niyama is mere acrobatics”   This 2 hour workshop is an opportunity to learn about the basic philosophical principles of yoga and how those principles relate to our practice of asanas, according to the teaching of BKS Iyengar. Open to all students.

Fee: 35 euros (discount: 25 euros for students who register when purchasing their monthly subscription).

  • Tuesday May 30: 7 to 9 pm



Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

For everyone who wishes to discover hidden ressources within oneself and start experiencing benefits of Iyengar yoga. Introduction to Iyengar yoga, yoga philosophy, sage Patanjali and BKS Iyengar in this 2-hour workshop.

Fee: 35 euros for one 2-hour workshop. 10 euros discount on the first monthly package purchased after an introduction workshop.

  • Saturday May 20: 2 to 4 pm 
  • Saturday June 3: 2 to 4 pm 




Special 4 hour Intermediate Workshops with Sophie Boller

Bring new life to your life:  Saturday May 13 -  2 to 6 pm - Fee: 60 euros 




Home Practice Series

A monthly workshop to help establish a balanced home practice from the first 6 months to the first year.

two hour sessions:  35 euros, 30 for those with a current membership

three hour sessions:  45 euros, 40 for those with a current membership


Sunday April 30th 5-7pm "Home practice: the first 6 months" 

Foundational poses to strengthen and fluidify the body

Open to all


Sunday May 14th 5-8pm "Home practice: the first year"

Introducing balancing poses and inversions, awakening sensitivity

Minimum of 6 months consistent Iyengar Yoga practice required


Sunday June 18th 5-8pm "Home practice: exploring forward bends"

Facing ourselves and looking with-in

Minimum of 6 months consistent Iyengar Yoga practice required


Sunday July 2nd 5-8pm "Home practice:  exploring back bends"

Discovering the unknown and facing our fears

Minimum of 6 months consistent Iyengar Yoga practice required


Sunday September 17th 5-8pm "Home practice: restorative"

A supported practice for furthering introspection and preparing for Pranayama

Minimum of 1 year consistent Iyengar Yoga practice required


Sunday October 15th 5-8pm "Home practice: adapting to our current needs"

Our practice needs to adapt with our current situation.  Life, as nature, is fluid and always changing, and so are our needs.  Learning to adapt our practice to serve us best is paramount.

Minimum of 1 year consistent Iyengar Yoga practice required